About us & our packrafts 

About us

We are a young couple and German Packraft startup . With traveling being a major part of our jobs as pilots, we found Packrafting to be the perfect sport to bring along wherever we go. The small size and weight of our products make it possible to explore new places and combine different sports with paddling.
Especially the different perspective from the water, has always been a great joy for us.

Our special philosophy

After several years and hundreds or hours of paddling and testing Packrafts from different manufacturers, we decided to design our own Packrafts and put them on the marked. We hope to motivate more people to start with this extraordinary sport and help Packrafting to advance as a sport itself, by offering a product which is of high quality at a reasonable price. We want a personal, direct communication with our costumers and are always happy to give advice or help to you, as our fellow paddlers! In the other side we are also open for advice and new ideas and will find a good solution, if problems should occur.
Meeting you in person for one of our roll-courses, or planning a paddling trip together, would additionally be a great joy for us.

We started our shop as a hobby and it’s not our source of income. Therefore we are currently not interested in making a livelihood out of it. Our main interest is to establish our company to this exciting new market and to design Packrafts of great quality and share them with you. That’s the main reason we can offer you a pricing, which is considerably better than that of other manufacturers. We order in bulk and leave out costly, unnecessary accessories, to provide a great deal to you. On the other side we test every raft ourselves and make sure we use the best raw material TPU available on the market and ensure high production standards together with our partners in China. Having quick communications and all the possibilities to produce several different packraft forms and dimensions, we can offer you to
design your own Packraft, as well.
Thanks for visiting our webpage and always safe paddling!
Lisa and Tim

Why current-raft?

Our high quality products are designed to be longlasting, reliable in the water and easy to use. We test all gear throughoutly in and off the water and always drive to improve our Packrafts, by using our expertise in watersports. The packing size and weight of our Packrafts is optimized for easy transport, giving you great flexibility

for their use.

The standard coloring of yellow and blue, combines a natural appearance with signal colors, which will be seen easily on the water. Furthermore lighter colors will not heat up quickly, on hot summer days. We only use high quality TPU nylon materials and all connections are bonded and temperatur welded. We thrive for a product that is , robust, functional, affordable and easy to use for our costumers and in order to do so intenitionally forego costly extras.

The question of a TZIP:

Many other Packraft producers, include a TZIP as standard equipment. We decided not to do so because of following reason:

Experience has shown, that a TZIP is a high maintenance feature. It needs to be greased regularly and additionally neatly kept clean of any sort of dirt and sand to be airtight, which is not easy to do in a natural environment. As a consequence it is often a weak point and the number one cause for leaking air. Exchanging a TZIP for a new one, can’t be done easily at home and is a quite costly repair. A Packraft can always carry a great amount of baggage and equipment on top of the nose, without any negative impact on steering capability. Here you can access it any time on the water, without deflating the entire tubes. If you are not planning to take your Packraft on expeditions longer then several days, we think a TZIP storage system is just not reasonable feature.

For those, who are planning long expeditions, and thus need all possible storage room, we are happy to include a TZIP storage System in our offer.