Costumer reviews

Everything is fine! 

 Everything works great. Completely uncomplicated, simple, easy and quick to assemble. And very tilt stable 👍 
Merge user Thomas

practicing eskimo roll in a Packraft roll course in the pool

Even better then expected

The rolling course was really a great experience and went even better than expected thanks to the great support. I will definitely take more courses and am already looking forward to the next time
Feedback from Roll course participant Dirk

Packraft Roll on river Saale

Paddling greetings from Bavaria

 Here Anita in the roll on the river Saale. Thanks for the fast delivery and the good service! 
Paddling greetings from LA in Bavaria! 
Feedback from Roll users Anita and Manfred


Once again, thank you for the terrific course! 
I was happy the whole way back like a little kid.

Feedback from Rodeo user and course participant Bernhard

Feels great in the water 👍am 100% satisfied.

Short Feedback from  our probably coolest dressed Shoreline user

Hello from San Francisco

The first trip with the packraft is done, was a really cool ride and was really fun. It had been just over 9 km, until under the bridge. There I turned around, because the water was very rough. Since I am still inexperienced then rather turned and went back. The boat would have made it easily, no problem, but since I'm still new I did not want to overdo it. Really great, really fun!
Feedback from Shoreline user Björn

Comment from our side: Really good decision to turn around, because in case of doubt safety always comes first. With a packraft you can usually end the tour uncomplicated at any time due to the small weight and pack size ! Chapeau for the decision!

 Absolutely recommendable! 

Have participated in the whitewater course at the Hohenlimburg canoe course. Absolutely recommendable! The focus is on paddling technique (sweeping water, paddle stroke, boat control). Safety topics (swimming in white water, throwing bag) are also touched upon. In terms of content, this is the perfect complement to a Rescue 3 WW training. Tim and Lisa are excellent trainers: very competent, clear and structured in their communication and with an infectious enthusiasm for the sport. They respond very individually to their participants, so that everyone learns a lot, is challenged but not overwhelmed.
Rating from course participant Nina via Google

packraft revolution on swiss river

Thank you very much for the delivery of the Packraft Revolution! 

It fits tiptiop and already has a first test drive behind it, see photo ;-)
According to my feeling, this boat can actually accelerate super and also the straight running is amazingly good. The assembly was self-explanatory easy and I think it's great that you also just included the light seat. 

Lukas - Switzerland

Vacation in the South of France 

We were in the Whitsun vacations in the South of France and have made with the Packrafts very nice tours on the Tarn, the Ardeche and the Gardon! Paddling under the Pont du Gare was awesome!

Sebastian via email

That rocked!

Boy! Seriously. I'm just back from HoLiBu (whitewater course)
So this revolutionary packraft that you sold me there is a dream boat. 👌🏼
Shit, that has rocked there in the channel. 🤩
I'm totally done after the 3 hours....
Can't wait to push this thing through alpine waters!

Revolution customer Steffen (unedited)

Enjoying the winter sun together with our dog

Dear Tim, dear Lisa,

after I had already undertaken several solo packraft tours, the idea matured to acquire a second packraft in which we can also take our dog. After we got to know your site on the net, it came quickly to the personal contact on the phone, where I was very well advised by you, dear Tim. We were allowed to test the Merge 300 on a weekend on the Wertach and the Amper and were immediately enthusiastic. The quality and the driving characteristics are absolutely convincing! In fact, we need for our quite large dog (White Swiss Shepherd) the length 300, so that he can lie in the front of the boat, because on a longer tour he would not want to sit all the time. This also gives the boat a low center of gravity and a long waterline and makes it very easy to paddle. In addition, it is also well sized for two adults (without the dog) at this length. After configuring and ordering the packraft, it arrived in the announced time frame in December and we were able to enjoy the winter sun on relaxed trips. Of course we are looking forward to extended tours in the upcoming summer season!
Thank you very much for your good service, the nice contact and the high quality packraft!
Many greetings from Bavaria

A kayaker in a packraft

As a kayaker I was a bit skeptical about a packraft at first. After purchasing a Current-Raft Roll last November, I was finally able to take my first packraft trip (since there had always been too little water in the rivers up to that point). On 4.1.2022 we were paddling at the Saalach and on 5.1.2022 at the Lammer and that with a super nice group with Tim, Philipp, Timi and Konsti. And what can I say. Hey, it was just great! But now I have the problem of always having to decide whether to go paddling with the kayak or with the packraft :-).

Time for an interim report!

Dear Tim, dear Lisa
now it's time for a very satisfied interim report. By now we have run the packrafts many times: On the lower Ticino, the Mangfall and most recently on the Soca. It's great fun for us and we shysters are much braver because the boats are so stable in the water! Really fine. And we are also happy about more space in the luggage and less weight, because we have used the public bus on the Soca several times! Thank you very much for your lovely support

Feedback sent in by Roll user Alex

Very pleasant and competent contact

I am really enthusiastic - both about the Packrafts and about the two who developed them! The contact was very pleasant and competent from the beginning. After detailed consultation, I decided on an individual packraft with whitewater capability (the "Roll" model), which I could design according to my own wishes. The result is great! The first tour is already behind me and I am looking forward to more... In the waiting time I could try out another model (the "Shoreline"), which is also really fun. In the end, I was even able to convince my over 70-year-old mother of this boat, so that we are now on the road together. Conclusion therefore: absolute recommendation! I am glad that I came across this manufacturer just before buying a (much more expensive) competitor product!

Google review from Roll user Katja

River Trial

Hi Tim, the first "River trial" was executed successfully today with my new "Current-raft" at home  in Kyrönjoki river.  Quick shipment and excellent Service from You. Everything went smoothly and as promised, thanks!
Br, Antti
Isokyrö, Finland

Spot on decision 

Conclusion of the first tours, a great experience the boats are easy to build and handle in the water.
They are not very fast but very maneuverable and get along without much water under the keel.
On the Oserau we had the Brompton folding bikes with also works perfectly.
The decision of the boats from the house Current Raft was and is spot on.
send in by Shoreline user Klaus

Packrafting has saved my winter! 

Usually I am more on the ski slopes - but after the ski lifts had not opened this season, I came more to packrafting and am very happy to have discovered the alternative. In the summer I plan to combine my hobbies of paragliding and packrafting. Not every day has good flying weather, but now I can take full advantage of those days on vacation. Best of all, because the packraft folds so small, I can get my paraglider, tent and packraft in the car! The photo is taken in March on the lower Breitach at a flow of 8m³, was a great ride all the way to the Illersprung.
Post sent in by Rodeo user Philipp

Father and son in a packraft

My son and I were thrilled by the trilogy city tour-Gelnhausen, small hike through the forest to the jetty and paddling a packraft on the river Kinzing. We were pleasantly surprised by the light weight of the equipment, so you don't have to be an athlete (unlike the organizers) to enjoy the trip. What fascinated me most was the relaxation of floating in the middle of the river and enjoying nature. As a last treat, a few days after the packrafting tour, there were professional photos for all participants. Thank you.
Sent in by tour participant Alexander

First trip, perfect decision!

Hello my dears, we were today packrafting on the Iller. With Sup and Vivien in the new packraft. She is thrilled! Was a great day. 
Best regards
Vivien and Wolfgang
Article submitted by Roll, Merge users Vivien and Wolfgang

Trips for two

Dear Lisa and Tim,
thank you again that it worked so quickly and easily with the purchase and advice of the Packrafts. Since then we have been able to test some and are very satisfied, I must really say. The boat drives better than expected, even without fin and with dog ;) On the weekend we were paddling, for example, on the Wiesent in  Switzerland and despite some stone contacts everything went smoothly and without damages. The material can really take a beating!

Article sent in by Shoreline 245cm user Constanze

Corona extra, just the way we like it!

From home to Dachau to Herbertshausen.
Post sent in by Rodeo tester Uta

Adventure tour on the Kinzig

The guided tour of the city and the subsequent paddle tour with the packraft on the
 Kinzig was a successful and exciting mixture of the
 various uses of a packraft. 
 Thank you very much for the selection of the beautiful stretch on the
 Kinzig and the professional tips and information about packrafting.
 Jens Geiger Linsengericht