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What is Packrafting?

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Packrafts, also called backpack boats, are lightweight inflatable boats made of TPU, which impress with their light weight and small pack size. This makes them easy to transport and allows you to combine paddling with other sports and transportation. The sport of packrafting thus offers you completely new freedoms and possibilities that would be unthinkable with hard material boats.

What is Bikerafting?

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Bikerafting combines packrafting with biking. For this, the bike is harnessed to the bow of the packraft and usually paddled downstream. The way back is then comfortably covered by bicycle. The high load capacity and stability of the packrafts even allow a combination of bicycle tours and light whitewater paddling.

Whats the right Packraft for me?

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Several factors play a role in choosing the right packraft model. First, you should evaluate the intended use as well as possible. To do this, it is advisable to answer the following questions:

-Do I want a one-person packraft or a two-person packraft?
-Will I be traveling on calm waters, or is the wild ride on a whitewater river or surfing waves appealing to me? Or maybe even both?
-Do I want to be able to go bikerafting, or carry a lot of luggage?

In addition, of course, the paddler's own height and weight play a role in model selection. Especially the leg length, from hip to heel, should be measured and compared with the inner length of our packraft models. Please note that approx. 10-15cm of the inner length cannot be used due to the overhang of the tubes. In the following table we give you a small overview of the special features and areas of application of our
offered models:

Bikerafting calm waters (1 person):
->Bikeraft 245cm
Bikerafting calm waters (2 persons):
-> Merge 320cm/ Merge 350cm
Bikerafting easy white water:
-> Bikeraft RS/ Rodeo 255cm/ Rodeo 275cm/ Roll 275cm
White water (1 person):
->Revolution 255, 265cm/ Roll 255, 275cm/ Rodeo 255, 275cm
White water (2 persons):
-> Merge 320cm removable spraydeck.
Riverrunning (high speeds)
-> Arrow 293cm
Mother/Father and child packraft:
-> Merge 270cm
Allround Packrafts:
->Roll 265cm Expedition
-> Rodeo255, 275cm/ Roll 255cm/ Revolution 255,265cm
Ultralight and small pack size:
-> Nature 235cm
-> Shoreline 200, 220, 235cm
Family Raft (mother+father+child):
-> Merge 350cm 

How durable are the Packrafts?

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When we started packrafting a few years ago, we ourselves were amazed at how robust the materials were. Since then, things have even changed and today's materials are even stronger.
The TPU packrafts can  easily withstand heavy ground contact. The switch to one-sided coated TPU fabric makes the tubes and the bottom more tear-resistant than ever before.

Are Packrafts easy to repair?

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Almost any damage to Packrafts can be easily repaired. This is due to the special properties of the TPU fabric. Packrafts can be glued, sewn, resealed or thermowelded depending on the damage and requirements. Valves and other parts can also be replaced.
Many of these jobs can even be performed by the customer. In case of damage, wear or need for repair of our products, we will be happy to advise you.
In addition, we have
spare parts, TPU glue and TPU fabric by the meter in stock and provide you with the right material for any patching work.

Are packrafts suitable for beginners and families?

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Due to their stability, high load capacity and easy handling, packrafts are a very good choice to get started in paddling. In case of capsize, the re-entry is much easier than with kayaks or canoes, because the Packrafts always have enough buoyancy due to the large volume and remain on the surface. 
In addition, their small packing size means they fit in any conventional car or camping van, making them ideal vacation boats. 
Nevertheless, you should always treat the element water with respect and in any case the appropriate protective equipment should be worn. Don't let the ease of use and tipping stability of the Packrafts tempt you into taking unnecessary risks and always be aware of the paddling section and possible dangers of the route.

If you have any questions about safety on the water, we will of course be happy to advise you at any time and provide descriptions of many paddling sections.

What´s the right pressure?

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We recommend to inflate by using the inflation bag and topping up the pressure by mouth as much as possible. This will lead to a sufficient pressure within the tubes. If a pressure pump is used for inflation, we recommend not to exceed the pressure of 0.08 bar or 1.2 PSI.

Can I use Packrafts in salt water and chlorinated water?

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The Packrafts can be used in salt water or chlorinated pools without any restrictions. In this case, however, you should make sure to thoroughly rinse off any salt or chlorine residues before storage. All other tips for care and use can be found in the instructions section.

TZIP yes or no?

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Many manufacturers have now installed this as standard on all models.
We, however, only use it deliberately on some models. For most customers in Europe, a TZIP storage system is not automatically worthwhile. The following points should be noted:
A TZIP is high-maintenance, sensitive to dirt and, as a consequence, often leaks. Replacement is usually not feasible at home. We therefore recommend the TZIP Storage System only for longer tours and expeditions, because the normal luggage for a weekend trip can be easily stored on the bow of the Packrafts. There it does not restrict the driving characteristics and is accessible without letting air out of the packraft