Packraft Ausrüstung

Ausrüstung  translates -> Equipment

The right equipment will make your paddling trip safe and enjoyable. The water temperature is the determining factor for the choice of clothing on the water. A life jacket should always be worn.
If you have any questions about equipment, please contact us.

Packraft Besichtigung am Vorderrhein

Besichtigung translates ->Scouting rapids

It is advisable to scout rapids before riding them, especially in the case of unknown rivers and before difficult section. In this way, dangers are recognized early and there will be no unpleasant surprises. Note that a river can have very different appearances depending on the water level and sometimes changes dramatically after floods. Therefore, a scouting is never a bad idea.

Packraft Paddel current-raft


Practice the most important maneuvers on land and make yourself mentally ready for an emergency in the water. Especially getting out of the white water packrafts with spraydeck should be practiced. A large leak in the air chamber also requires swift action. Be aware of dangers early and thus safer on the water.

Denier TPU 840D 420D

This numbering system of the silk industry originates from the old French unit of weight denier.  The denier unit is used as a fineness indicator for man-made fibers.
The unit denier (den, formula symbol Td) is defined as follows:
1 den = 1 gram per 9000 meters

Packraft Ersatzteile und Flicken

Ersatzteile translates-> Repair materials

It never hurts to have a few patches, glue, Gerband tape from the hardware store. The latter works great as an emergency solution on the water to be able to continue the tour despite leakage. Commercially available, inexpensive Gerband tape often works even better than expensive patch products for the road. We have many spare parts in stock and are happy to advise you on repairs or additional additions. 

Packraft Finne zum Montieren

Finne translates->Fin/Skeg

A fin improves the directional stability of the packraft and effectiveness of the paddle strokes. Especially on still waters a fin is a nice addition. It is removable at any time and comes at low weight.

Current-raft Packraft Roll auf gefallstarkem Fluss

Gefälle translates-> Gradient

The gradient of a river is a good indicator for the flow velocity. Literature and Internet portals usually provide the gradient in addtion to other information. The following applies: The more water a river carries, the greater the flow velocity as a rule, with the same gradient. The gradient is mostly given as a percentage.

Packraften bei Hochwasser im Fluss

Hochwasser translates-> Flood

Especially for some small streams , often only a strongly increased water level offers the chance of a worthwhile packrafting trip. Paddling during or after a flood, however, requires extra caution. Expect trees blocking the way and other objects in the muddy water.

extra Gepäck ins Packraft laden

Internal Storage System

An ISS significantly increases the possible luggage volume. We recommend it for longer expeditions. We will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the system.

Packraften ein Hobby für alle Jedermann

Jedermann translates-> Everyone

Different types of packraft make it easy to combine and adapt your sport to personal preferences. 
Packrafting is a hobby for everyone! We hope to show you even more possibilities and inspire you through our posts and personal advice.

Kehrwasser im Current-raft Roll

Kehrwasser translates-> Eddy

Eddies are our natural friend in the water! Learn to recognize the eddies and enter them in a targeted manner. Here the current runs in the opposite direction to the flow of the main body of water. In sweep water you have time to catch your breath here and prepare for upcoming sections of the river. In addition, eddies are ideal places for entering and exiting the packraft.

Welche Länge für mein Packraft von current-raft

Länge translates-> Length

Your leg length should be decisive for the choice of the packraft length. Measure in a sitting position from the rump to the heels. We will be happy to advise you on this as well.

Mitpaddler im Packraft

Mitpaddler translates-> Paddling buddies

Paddling in groups of at least three people increases fun and safety. Agree on the paddling order and tasks as well as signs on the water in advance.

Naturfluss zum Packraften mit current-raft

Naturschutz translates-> Nature conservation

We all love the beauty of nature and want to preserve it.
Find out about navigation rules and protect the riverbanks!
Our waters are the basis of life and biodiversity, which we want to protect for our children and future generations.


Packraft Checkliste Vorbereitung

Ordnung translates-> Order

Order is a must! Especially when packing the equipment for the paddling trip you should be very careful not to forget anything. We now even use checklists here, because there is nothing more annoying than to stand at the river in perfect weather and water level and find out that important parts of the equipment are missing.

hand pumping current-raft packraft

Pumpe translates-> Pump

A small hand pump is a convenient way to avoid inflating with the mouth. In addition, a higher pressure can usually be achieved. However, caution is then required in the summer. When the packrafts are taken out of the water, air should be released.

Flüsse Abfluss Angabe für Wildwasser

Q (scientific symbol for hydraulic flows)

In hydrology, the discharge or flow rate indicates the volume of water leaving a given catchment area under the action of gravity within a given time . It is often used as a measure to determine the volume of water in a river section and is given alternatively or together with the gauge (cm). The usual specifications of the whitewater class refer to an mid flow/level.

Rücklauf erkennen mit dem Packraft

Rücklauf translates-> Stopper

Learn to recognize a stopper! Stoppers do not only occur in whitewater, but often also on calm rivers behind weirs,  steps or other manmade obstacles.

Sicherheitskurs teilnehmen retten im Packraft

Sicherheitskurs translates-> Saftey course

Taking a course is fun and increases safety for everyone on the water. Even experienced paddlers can still learn a lot here and train hands-on.

Packraft Material TPU mehrere Farben

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

TPU is a particularly tear-resistant and elastic plastic membrane compound. It combines the properties of its soft and harder components and is resistant to abrasion and most chemicals.

Umtragen im Wildwasser mit dem Packraft

Umtragung translates-> Portaging

When in doubt, portaging a rapid is always the right decision, and with the super-light packrafts, it's also low effort. The pre-installed handles on the Current-raft models make every walk even more pleasant.

ferry glide in current-raft rodeo

Vorhaltewinkel translates-> Correction angle

In flowing waters and in white water, it is important to know how the current runs and to align the packraft accordingly. A trained eye and experience help here, of course, also with regard to the choice of line. As a basic rule, the bow should never be oriented at a 90-degree angle to the current or waves.

Wind Anzeige fürs Paddeln


Packrafts are quite cumbersome in headwinds due to their design. When paddling on the coast, this can even be dangerous (e.g. Bora in Croatia). Be aware of the wind situation and possibly even use it with the help of a wind sail.

Signale auf dem Wasser

X  (Arm signal)
If you receive this signal from someone, be alert.
It means: Stop! Disembark immediately! Danger! Do not continue!  
The symbol X is also often used as a sign for "help needed". 
It is indicated by crossing both arms above your head. Learn this and the most important other signals before you go out on the water and always discuss the signals in the group before paddling.

YouTube Packraft Video


Online videos, preferably with level information, are a great source of information for planning your trips. In addition, you can find a lot of useful information about packrafting in general and about safety on the water on YouTube.

Zeitmanagement beim Paddeln

Zeitmanagement translates-> Time management

Set realistic  goals and leave enough time for the unexpected, because in the dark all packrafts are gray.
On calm waters you can plan with 3 to 5km/h maximum.
In whitewater you should allow enough extra time for scouting, portages and play-spots.